Emergency Clean-up Kit
Clean-up Kits

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Hurricane Ike - photo taken from the International Space Station.
Hurricane Ike - photo taken from the
International Space Station.

The photo of Hurricane Ike shown above is just a sample of the hurricanes that have devastated the Gulf Coast region over the past several years.   The photo is included to show the magnitude of this and other storms.

On Saturday, September 27, 2008, representatives stated at the Brethren Disaster Relief Auction held at the Lebanon, PA Expo Center, that there is still a tremendous need for emergency clean-up kits for the Gulf States.   So far, 10,000 have been delivered.   There is still a need for 90,000 more!   None have been shipped to Texas so far where they are also desperately needed, as stated by the representative.

These supplies enable people to begin the overwhelming job of cleaning up after a flood, hurricane, tornado, or other disaster here in the United States.

The Lamplighters Sunday School Class took this on as a project earlier this year.   In the spring, an offering was lifted and over $100.00 was received, then forwarded to Church World Service.   Additional pleas from the Church of the Brethren have continued and in August, the class decided to donate these emergency bucket kits following the CWS guidelines.   Lamplighters families were urged to provide a kit of supplies as listed below.   Shortly after, ten kits were sent to Church World Service, New Windsor, MD, and they along with others from elsewhere, were shipped immediately to the Gulf States.

Three more kits are ready in the classroom to be shipped as of September 29, 2008.

The Lamplighter's class is now urging other First Church members and friends, as well as anyone that reads this page, to prepare a bucket.   First Church members and friends can bring their buckets to the church facility, and our church members will then deliver them to Church World Service, New Windsor, MD.

Following is a list of the supplies as specified by Church World Service.   To assemble an Emergency Clean-up Bucket you will need the following:

  • One five-gallon bucket with re-sealable lid

    The Lamplighters purchased the following items at the Dollar Tree
  • Five scouring pads (Scotch Brite - 8 per box)
  • Seven sponges, assorted sizes (six in a pack)
  • One scrub brush
  • Eighteen cleaning towels (reusable, like Easy Wipes®)(8 per pack)
  • One 12 oz. bottle of liquid concentrated household cleaner (like Lysol®)
  • One 25 oz. bottle liquid disinfectant dish soap (like Dawn®)
  • Fifty clothespins (20 per pack)
  • Clothesline, two 50 ft. or one 100 ft.
  • Five dust masks(12 per pack)
  • Two pairs latex gloves (like Playtex®)
  • One pair work gloves

    The Lamplighters purchased the following item at the WalMart
  • One 50-78 oz. box dry laundry detergent(63 oz. Gain)

  • 24-bag roll of heavy-duty trash bags (33-45 gallon)
    (These trash bags can be purchased at Sam's - 120 per box; 33 gal. size.
    This quantity can be shared between five groups. An alternative is
    to purchase 25 in a box at Christmas Tree Hill @$4.99)

  • One 6-14 oz. bottle of insect repellent (drops or lotion, not aerosol)

Notes from Lamplighters Experiences:
1. Five-gallon bucket with re-sealable lid.   If you know a contractor, they may have discarded old ones that will need to be cleaned up before use.   Otherwise, new ones can be purchased at Lowe's and probably other building supply stores at a cost of approximately $5 for the bucket and $2 for the lid for a total of $7.   Donut manufacturers also re-sell their buckets at approximately $2.   Perhaps contractors and others would be willing to give or sell their buckets for this cause.
2. 24-bag roll of heavy-duty trash bags (33-45 gallon) can be purchased in a box of 120 33-gal. size at Sam's.   Parsing out the quantity needed per kit amounts to a cost of $2.80 per bucket.
3. One 6-14 oz. bottle of insect repellent (drops or lotion, not aerosol) may be difficult to find.   Lamplighters shoppers have exhausted the supply at Christmas Tree Hill.
4. As you can see from the above, more items are included in some packs than are needed.   Therefore, it can be more advantageous if several families go together to reduce costs.

Please purchase all liquids in plastic bottles.   Be sure to send only new, unopened materials.   Put all items in the plastic bucket, making sure they are packed securely to avoid damage during shipment, and seal lid with packing tape.

Note: Because of the volatility of the contents, Emergency Clean-up Kits are not shipped internationally.

Our costs per bucket for the Lamplighters, excluding the bucket, was reduced from $26.00 to $22.00 per kit by becoming more informed shoppers.

Clean-up Bucket value: $50

Cash donations in lieu of assembled Kits also help CWS to provide much-needed supplies. Click on the Church World Service kits page at http://www.churchworldservice.org/kits/cleanup-kits.html and follow the instructions.